Monday, July 01, 2013

Team Myrt: Help develop Weintraub-Morse One-Step Enumeration District site for 1950

I've talked about the importance of the Weintraub-Morse 1950 One-Step Enumeration District site on my Facebook and Google+ community, but do want to be sure all receive news about the preparation for the 1950 US Federal Census release in 2022 . You will recall from our "week that was" 2-6 April 2012 that the Weintraub-Morse One-Step Enumeration District site provided unique and critically important information for finding an ancestor in the 1940 census.

Now it is our turn to pay it forward. 

Joel Weintraub and Steve Morse write:

If you wondered how we produced free locational tools for the opening of the 1940 census on the Morse One-Step site, wonder no more and be part of the team to do the same thing for 1950. We have opened up "Project 1950" to prepare searchable ED definitions and street indexes for the opening of the 1950 Census in 2022. With the help of about 125 volunteers we produced our 1940 tools, and now are looking for about 200+ volunteers to help with Phase I (transcription of Enumeration District definitions) and Phase II (creating urban area street indexes) for 1950. An explanation of the two Phases and what needs to be done can be found at:

It may seem too early to be doing this, but it took us over 7 years to produce the 1940 tools that were used by the National Archives, the NY Public Library,, and millions of researchers.
After reading this and the project intro page, here is Ol'  Myrt's reply to Joel and Steve:

Ok, Joel, I'm in. I have 5 hours per month to donate. Would that each of my 1,200 Facebook followers and 900 Google+ followers, and countless blog followers would follow suit.

What's the next step for Ol' Myrt here?

Let's see --

If there are 2,100 followers donating 5 hours monthly that equals 10,500 hours per month to donate to this project. 

If we work just 85 months during the next 8.5 years (allowing for vacations, family reunions, conference and institute attendance) before the release of the 1950, that's roughly 892,500 hours donated to the project.

Come on Team Myrt!

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt     :)
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  1. Hey Cuz,

    I just matched your commitment.


  2. I received the Manuel to review before I confirm my involvement. They want us to know what we are committing to. I am almost finished reading it. I told Joel Weintraub I would let him know after the fourth if I was in or not. I will probably confirm my volunteering before then. It is a great project to be part of. I do not want to make a mistake on such an important project.

  3. I have already completed Phase 1 for the City of Stockton and am now working on some Northern California counties. This is really easy to do and you truly get a thorough understanding of the "lay of the land" in the area you are working in.