Wednesday, August 07, 2013

DETROIT: "GRIP On the Road" Institute

BREAKING NEWS! During today's live Mocavo Plus Fireside Chat, Elissa Scalise Powell announced GRIP ON THE ROAD extending their popular genealogy institute in Pittsburgh to the Detroit (Orchard Lake), Michigan area in August 3-8, 2014. Four tracks will feature Polish, Bridging the Gap, Intermediate Research, and Tom Jone's Mastering Genealogical Proof Standards. This will be held on a campus that's been around since 1885, and includes a research center there.

There is nothing yet on the GRIP website, so stay tuned for more info:

UPDATE: This was just confirmed in writing via the GRIP Facebook page:

Here's the link to the Mocavo Fireside Chat:

As I write this, the chat is still running live.

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  1. Thanks for posting, Pat! You win the prize for noticing first and passing the word along. The GRIP website has now been updated along with a post of its own. Thanks for listening to the Mocavo Fireside Chat with Michael Leclerc!

    -- Elissa

  2. An Orchard Lake venue should not be billed as related to Detroit. It's a long drive and will not facilitate access to the Detroit Public Library's Burton Historical Collection. Other venues in and adjacent to Detroit might have been possible to consider.