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MGP Study Group - Chapter 7 GPS Element 5: The Written Conclusion

You've got a little less than 4 hours to finish reading Chapter 7 of Tom Jones' Mastering Genealogical Proof and join tonight's study group session! It's all about the Written Conclusion, GPS Element 5. This is the proof of the pudding, so to speak, where according to Dr. Jones:

"We have assembled our evidence, resolved any conflicts and established a conclusion. We may believe we have proved that conclusion. Proof exists, however, only in writing." (1)

No need to do the Chapter 7 homework until AFTER you've viewed this session to see how our panelists work through Dr. Jones' suggestions for using clear writing in the development of:
  • Proof statements
  • Proof summaries
  • Proof arguments

As you do your homework this week, we've agreed to use MGP Panelist +Cary Bright's suggestion as she writes: 
"Homework for Chapter 7, Question 6 a-g, asks for us to take a genealogical article of interest and answer the questions. Since articles on the NGS Quarterly website are members-only access, that leaves the BCG website as best choice to find something all can access. I looked over several and this had potential IF you wanted to stay with Thomas Jones works:"
Thomas W. Jones, “Merging Identities Properly: Jonathan Tucker Demonstrates the Technique”, National Genealogical Society Quarterly 88 (June 2000): p. 111-21. Posted by permission at the Board of Certification of Genealogists website

We begin tonight at 8pm Eastern US (New York) in our Google+ Hangout on Air (HOA) format.

Participants will wait to VIEW on the YouTube side, and will post questions in the DearMYRTLE Genealogy Community on Google+.  Cousin +Russ Worthington will do his best to weave those questions and comments into our panel discussion. Unlike a webinar, the link for a G+ Hangout on Air isn't created until just before the event is to go live.

Closed-captioning is a feature of the live HOAs and recorded HOAs, through a service provided by Google. I'd say the speech recognition is about 90% accurate.

1. Go to DearMYRTLE's YouTube Channel located here:

2. You may need to refresh your computer's browser page at the top of the hour. We will begin promptly as follows:

8pm Eastern US (New York)
7pm Central US (Chicago)
6pm Mountain US (Denver, Salt Lake City)
5pm Pacific US (Los Angeles)

If you need a time zone converter, there is a great one located here:

All COMMENTS and links to assignments will be posted in DearMYRTLE's Genealogy Community on G+ located here:

Participants may use a blog or a public Google document to share a homework assignment.Be aware of copyright, and follow advice in the post titled MGP Homework and Copyright.

NOTE: The "filmstrip" of panelists receive their own invitations to JOIN the HOA. Panelists merely log in to our private G+ MGP Study Group Panelists community where I'll post the link.
(1) Thomas W. Jones, Mastering Genealogical Proof  (Arlington, Virginia: National Genealogical Society, 2013) 83.

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  1. Are you planning anymore of these MGP Study Groups? I am interested in getting on the waiting list, if so.

    We are not sure when, but yes, we are planning a repeat series. In the meantime, just review our recorded sessions on my YouTube channel as noted above.