Monday, September 30, 2013

Michael John Neill: Ending webinaring, and closeout sales deadline TONIGHT

Just received this notice from Michael John Neill, but I spotted it too late to mention this during today's Mondays with Myrt Hangout on Air. We DID at least mention his "Genealogy Tip of the Day". He writes:

PHOTO: Michael John Neill
from his website at right.

"In an effort to refocus my efforts on genealogical research and writing, I will no longer be selling recorded copies of my webinars effective 29 September at 11:59 pm Pacific time. There will be continued support of previously downloaded presentations for some time after that, but sales will not be processed after that time.

All of my 40 plus webinars are being sold for $5 each during this time.

A list of topics and descriptions is available at:

There are a wide variety of topics on genealogy methods, sources, and search techniques.

Please share with your readers, fans, social media venues, etc.
This has been a great run, but I need to direct my efforts elsewhere."

Michael is an integral part of the professional genealogical community. As a real-life math instructor, he knows about dividing up his time and multiplying his efforts. Each must take time to reevaluate where to put one's energy.

We have learned much from Michael John Neill's webinars. I look forward to telling my DearREADERS about the new things he decides to do with his genea-time.

Happy family tree climbing!
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