Thursday, November 21, 2013

Ancestral Quest: FamilySearch Certified in 5 categories

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Ancestral Quest is FamilySearch Certified for Tree Share, Sources, Discussions, Change History and LDS Support

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Salt Lake City, Utah (November 16, 2013)Incline Software, LC announced today that Ancestral Quest™, its Windows®-based family tree software, was recently certified by FamilySearch™ for Tree Share, Sources, Discussions, Change History and LDS Support.

Ancestral Quest meets the rigorous standards set by FamilySearch for allowing its users to work in FamilySearch Family Tree (hereinafter referred to as Family Tree) by sharing not only data, but documentation, discussions and reasons for making changes. This not only helps users of AQ participate as good neighbors in Family Tree, but allows them to benefit from the comments and findings of others as they record their own personal family history in their AQ or PAF file.

Ancestral Quest allows users to search Family Tree for matching records and exchange facts for individuals and relationships between their own file and Family Tree. It also allows comparing of families and exchanging of family members between their personal file and Family Tree. Users can improve the data on Family Tree by sharing their research, and can learn more about their own family by looking through the Family Tree data made available by others. For LDS users, AQ handles the processes of reserving and tracking the progress of LDS ordinances.

No other personal family tree product has met more FamilySearch certification requirements than Ancestral Quest. You can learn more about these specific certifications on this FamilySearch page.

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  1. GRRREAT news! AQ is the genealogy software that I have been using for years and REALLY like it. Unfortunately, our Englewood Genealogy Society of Florida (EGSF) member are mostly using Family Tree Maker (FTM) including the SIG groups. I did not want to switch because I am well acquainted with AQ and did not want another challenging learning curve program....but someday I may finally need to change.