Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Cool ideas for KID interviews

Just in time for Thanksgiving in the US comes this free newsletter with ideas for getting children to have fun doing interviews. Thanks to Marlo Schuldt from LifeStory at Ol' Myrt here is intrigued by his smartphone tripod setup shown below.

It's all about sharing, recording, and preserving family stories!
Marlo says "Thanksgiving and and the upcoming holiday season are are perfect times to capture, record and preserve “once in a lifetime” access to stories when we are all together and start spinning yarns.
 This is so easy it’s a no brainer as many will have smart phones and can actively assist in the process – even the teenagers!"
Here’s the link to the latest newsletter with ideas, including possible questions to ask those kids. I am SOOO going to do this!
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Happy family tree climbing!
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