Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Mocavo: 90-95% handwriting OCR accuracy

DearREADERS,Today's email, and yes, finally via Feedly, Ol' Myrt here received some pretty amazing news from Cliff Shaw the founder of who writes:

"Historical handwriting recognition is one of the toughest technical challenges to solve. First, penmanship is entirely unique to the individual. Second, because it’s historical handwriting, it’s in cursive. All the letters run together, adding another layer of complexity. Third, the way we wrote cursive in the 1700′s is different than the cursive we write now. There are even variations between decades." Source: A little something we've been working on, Mocavo Genealogy Blog 20 Nov 2013.

I don't know how the Mocavo team is managing to do this, but Cliff claims ReadyMicro (acquired last year by Mocavo) and Matt Garner have been hacking away at the problem and are now finally making progress.

IMAGE: from the Mocavo announcement
A little something we've been working on. 

For more info, see the full blog post announcement here:

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