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Mondays with Myrt - 11 Nov 2013

DearREADERS,Oh, how I love Mondays! It's the start of the week and there's so much to do! And I look forward to our Mondays with Myrt conversations. For the newbies, Mondays with Myrt the chance to participate in a live and lively genealogy discussion. No lectures, just exploring together. Finding out what's trending in the world of family history research.

Today is Veterans Day here in the US, where we honor our military servicemen and women. In particular we honor Cousin +Russ Worthington, and Mr. Myrt +Gordon Erickson. We have a strong tradition of military service in our family, including two soldiers who fought at Gettysburg on opposing sides. The younger generation of servicemen include nephews Chris and Brad Bennett. My father, served during WWII. Those of us on the home front provide love and support through our prayers, but we shall never know the real price these servicemen paid for the comfort of freedom that we enjoy. Thank-you for your service.

My photo taken at Graceland Cemetery, Knoxville, Iowa.
William Henry Phillip's US Civil War Pension Certificate #243464,
Co K 19th Indiana Volunteer.

Today's anticipated Mondays with Myrt topics include:

Digital Scanning - this is Ol' Myrt's new set up:

Genealogy societies - Via Facebook, Cynthia Hall asks "I have a question (or two) about genealogical societies. How do you decide when to join? What if you don't live in that area? Do you join societies for every county you have ancestors in? What about ethnic societies?"

Cheerful Emmons Long  replies "Yes! Join! I volunteer at a Genealogical society in Coweta County GA and we have members from all over the country. Each quarter we send a quarterly out and we do research for folks. Our library exists purely on membership and donations. They are invaluable. We have so much in that little building NOT available online!"

Writing Effective Queries
Alison Williams Pinsley writes "Hi Dear Myrtle, I have a genealogical problem to share. I am looking to add another patriot to my DAR supplementals from the Bertine Family. I have everything I need, except the connection between the 6th and 7th generations. I need to find some proof that connects Sarah Bertine, born in Queens in 1818 to Peter Bertine (1791 - 1875) and Eliza Boyce (Boice) (1794 - 1839) also of Queens. Sarah died in 1903. I've turned over every stone that I can think of, and checked every site and I don't know where to turn now. Hope you can offer some help."

How to find helpful Facebook groups
Rennie Zimmerman Johnson responded to Alison Pinsley's query: "There are at least 6 DAR related FB groups who have members that are very helpful with assisting people who are working on their applications for DAR membership who have hit brickwalls." We'll demonstrate live how to locate such groups.

We are using Google+ Hangouts On Air for this event today. We start in about 90 minutes.

Noon Eastern US (New York)
11 am Central US (Chicago)
10am Mountain US (Denver, Salt Lake City)
9am Pacific US (Los Angeles)

If you need a time zone converter see:

The first ten people who JOIN will appear on the panel and must have voice and video capabilities. The exact link cannot be shown until the Hangout is created. Standby at DearMYRTLE's Genealogy Community on Google+ located here:

If you attempt to join, and receive the notice that the Hangout is full, then go to the VIEW option listed below.

You may VIEW the Hangout live on DearMYRTLE's YouTube Channel located here:

The Hangout will not start appearing here until I press the record button at the top of the hour. It may take a minute for the video stream to kick in.

If during the live broadcast of this Hangout On Air you'd like to post comments do so back at DearMYRTLE's Genealogy Community on Google+, perhaps on a different tab on your web browser. Ol' Myrt's community is located here:

The archived version of a Google Hangout On Air appears usually within 30 minutes of the close of the recorded session. You will find it on DearMYRTLE's YouTube Channel:

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt     :)
Your friend in genealogy.

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