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Webinar Archived: Ancestry Member Trees Can Jumpstart Your Research

"Ancestry should share this webinar with their clients." Wow! Thanks for the great recommendation. Carrie and I had a ball exploring the whys and hows of exporting genealogy data from Legacy Family Tree and uploading it to a new Ancestry Member Tree in search of scanned documents. You can view the archived webinar here for free until November 9, 2013, when this reverts to the "members only" section at Members may download our six page syllabus, and watch this and over 200 hours of other genealogy webinars for a mere $49 annually. Quite a genealogy education bargain featuring experts from throughout our genea-community.

Even MORE feedback from attendees:  

  • I have been doing family research for a long time and have been in the "maze" because of not sourcing and todays webinar was more guidance and proof for me to learn better sourcing and organization.
  • The interaction among the three participants as well as being able to see everyone made this webinar extra fun!
  • The best Webinar you have had to date   :) 
  • The three of you did a wonderful job explaining the perils of "taking" information on Ancestry for fact without proper research. Ancestry should share this webinar with their clients. Thanks for hosting. 
  •  While I have been a member of for years, I am still learning, and I appreciate sessions like this one. Thank you.  
  • Haven't been to a webinar in a while. Really liked the pictures of Geoff and presenters on the left side of the screen and having the abiltiy of them all having live mikes to interact. 
  • Learn some great things, especially about privacy and public views on Ancestry. I share with family all, but now will also have a public view. I am still working on the trees for myself and husband, so didn't want it public until I was more sure. Thanks for another great webinar. 
  • Learned a lot more about Legacy and Ancestry in this excellent Webinar.
  • Excellent. Particularly noted the difference in using family trees at Ancestry vs FamilySearch.
  • Fabulous! I will definitely use Carrie's idea about the small working trees--makes it so much more manageable! Great info from both presenters! 
  • Good presentation of new things at Ancestry that I had just not taken time to explore before. Thanks. 
  • Great having 3 experts working together...time always flies by during a Legacy webinar.
  • Dear Mrytle always give the step by step that is needed. Well done. 
  • Excellent for beginners. Really appreciate the tips given to help them sort out what is accurate and what is not! 
  • Excellent information. Learned more about Ancestry. Love the new webinar format. 
  • Excellent presentation. It shows when a person is really knowledgeable about her topic. Good webiinar. 
  • Absolutely of the best ever!!! Love see the presenters live, too. :-) 
  • Absolutely wonderful!!! Loved the three cameras and live presenters!!! 
  • Always fun ... and I learned something new [as usual] !!!!!! 
  • Awesome! Learned some things I did not know about 
Here's the link to the archived webinar:

  • Blue arrow - the pause/play button (shown in paused mode)
  • Green arrow - shows how far on the time line you are in to the webinar. This is where you can drag and drop to an earlier or later along the progress bar.
  • Yellow arrow - shows how much of the webinar has been "loaded" to your computer's memory.
  • Red arrow - indicates how many seconds you have viewed of the webinar.
  • Orange arrow - adjust volume.
  • Purple arrow - expand the view to full screen .

Remember you may pause, rewind and play sections again and again. Perhaps you'll want to view one part of the webinar, then go out and try each step we've discussed using Legacy Family Tree software and your Ancestry Member Trees at
 Excellent!!! One of the most informative and easy to watch webinars I've attended.
Bring them back anytime!

+Geoff Rasmussen, are you listening?

Happy family tree climbing!
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