Sunday, December 01, 2013

APG: New officers, upcoming special events

Whether you plan to 'take on' client research or wish to upgrade research skills, consider joining the Association of Professional Genealogists. Mr. Myrt and I belong to both the Second Life Chapter and the Virtual Chapter of APG. We find the meetings useful from both the technology and the researcher point of view. When those taking clients talk about time management strategies, we ind this also applies to juggling our personal research time with real-life situations.

Recently the APG announced the new slate of officers and board members. See:

Incoming APG President Kimberly Powell says "I am honored by this opportunity to continue to serve APG, and excited to work with such a talented and enthusiastic group of board members."
"APG has played a pivotal role in advancing the genealogical profession, and I commit to honoring those who have paved the way by continuing to increase public awareness of and trust in professional genealogists, to support our members at all stages of their genealogical careers, and to increase openness, networking, and collaboration within our organization."
Ol' Myrt here suggests her DearREADERS may consider participating in these upcoming APG special events:

Happy family tree climbing!
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