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ARCHIVED: Mondays with Myrt 23 Dec 2013 including topics


Here's the link to the archived version of today's Mondays with Myrt (Hangout On Air) broadcast from DearMYRTLE's YouTube Channel: 

If you need to click on the link, here it is:


RootsTech.org - Ol' Myrt has the BLOGGER BEADS to share with all genealogy bloggers and a fabulous purple feather boa, and I'm getting excited about the 2014 RootsTech conference February 6-8 at the Salt Palace Convention Center in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Getting from CD to Amazon Cloud: we originally looked at Digital Decisions: Taking Your Media Beyond the Home Stereo, but Ol’ Myrt has figured they forgot to describe the process fully. It includes the following free software:

  •  iTunes
  • Amazon Music Importer (for your computer, smart phone or tablet)
  • Amazon Cloud Player  (for your computer, smart phone or tablet)be sure to sync!    


What happened to Ol’ Myrt’s iPhone5?

I got mine in white. It hold 120% of the usual iPhone 5 battery life. It is cheaper by about $20 from what I purchased at the Apple Store.

IsBlogging REALLY Dead? I blog less, and FB or G+ more. Ol' Myrt here spends more time VLOGging (video blogging).  

From Elizabeth Shown Mills: Cousin Russ shares this posting from Elizabeth Shown Mills via her Evidence Explained page on Facebook.
Is This Published or Unpublished?

Two mantras are common among those who use historical material:
• Cite what you've used.
• Ask yourself: What am I holding in my hand?"


46 comments via Facebook: "Genealogical Inference Standards" -- I likes that phrase. Be sure to read the comments to this post. Canada's Anglo-Celtic Connections: Thoughts on browsing "Mastering Genealogical Proof"


Russ Worthington originally shared: Look at the on the whole record ....
I am volunteer at a local Adult Care Community, where I "teach" them family research. I use FTM2014 and now the whole class (5 to 8) use Family Tree Maker, or at least those with a computer. Each active member of the class has given me a Family Group Sheet,..


Excel | The Shy Genealogist – by “Lisa” a High School math teacher.






Inside History Magazine originally shared: Our Annual 2013 digital edition is now available on @zinio::http://ow.ly/rZrsJ  | http://ow.ly/rZvsz  #bestof2013  #ozhst   #familyhistory   #history   #genealogy  


Happy family tree climbing!
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