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Winners: 2nd Annual Share a Memory Contest

NOTE from DearMYRTLE: To my chagrin, I find this post was scheduled to be published 2 December, but remained in "scheduled" mode. No wonder I wasn't hearing from the award winners. Congrats to +Tammy Hepps+Annette Kapple and +Teri Chaffin. Thank-you ladies for being so patient.

It's my distinct pleasure to announce year's Share a Memory Contest winners:

Includes full access to the 2014 RootsTech genealogy and technology conference in Salt Lake City, Utah, AND a 1 year subscription to

And the winner is...
+Tammy Hepps who shared: "My picture for the Share a Memory contest is this informal picture from my grandparents' wedding that I thought we had lost until my cousin found it earlier today.  Here's why this picture is particularly sentimental: "

If you follow Tammy's link, you'll see why we've awarded the FIRST PRIZE to her. What a creative way to share your family's story with the non-genealogists in your family, Tammy!

A Logitech HD Pro WebcamC920 or equivalent. This is what Ol' Myrt uses on her tripod when creating some video interviews at RootsTech. I also use it for broadcasting the weekly Mondays with Myrt Hangout on Air.

And the winner is:
"This is one of my most important document finds. It's the death record for my Aunt Isis Forgey who died in 1920 in Managua, Nicaragua. She was about a year old when she died. My grandfather was a US Marine stationed in Nicaragua, and my grandmother was a native of Nicaragua. I often asked my mother about Isis. She died before my mother was born. My mother and her siblings had no details about the life of Isis or the cause of her death. There was a rumor she broke her neck. This document points to an infection causing her death. There was a photo of her taken after death, but sadly I don't know who has it? Isis was named after her grandmother Isis Forgey. Some day I would like to visit Nicaragua and hope to visit her grave."

3rd PRIZE - Microsoft Life Chat LX-3000 USB Headset, just like Cousin +Russ Worthington and Ol' Myrt use during our Mondays with Myrt Hangouts on Air.

And the winner is:
"Okay, so this is two pictures, however, it is necessary to tell the whole story. My grandparents' home
was the center of our lives. Almost every day after school we would go out to my grandparents' home for "coffee". Of course Sunday dinner was always spent at Grandma and Grandpa's house. There was always a big family get together for every single holiday, birthday, so on.

The top picture is of Grandma and Grandpa Grashoff in the living room of the home that Grandpa built out on the farm in Iowa. They are seen with all of their grandchildren, myself included. The picture below is of us all grown up with our own spouses and children. Grandpa had already passed away at this time. But we continued to get together with grandma. Christmas Eve was always a huge supper and then a soup and tavern "snack" before we went home around ten at night. I have so many wonderful memories of my grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins."

Ladies, please write to Ol' Myrt personally to provide your correct name, email, address and telephone number, so that the prizes can be distributed to you ASAP.

Happy family tree climbing!
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