Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Mac: Reunion and "On Windows, I used to..."

In addition to Evernote challenges, Ol' Myrt here has made the jump to a Mac, after the suffering the "blue screen of death" on my Windows laptop. So far I simply adore the "instant on" feature.

Thanks to SassyJane Genealogy who was kind enough to suggest:

And give Reunion [genealogy software] a try -

great program. And Apple has some nice tutorials, like: On 

Windows, I used to...

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt :)
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  1. You gonna go CRAZZY! and NEVER want to go BACK! A fresh MAC, OhMY!

  2. I caught your comment on Monday about doing a screen shot on your new computer. If you need to do a screen capture on the Mac, there is an app installed in the operating system called Grab. Here is how to find it. Go to Launchpad, then the "other" folder, open it and you will see it.

    1. Or just hold down Command + Shift +4 and you can draw around what you want to take a screen shot of and it will show up on your desktop.

  3. Congrats for coming over from the dark side. As a long-time mac user, I'll be interested in hearing about your experience. Whenever my husband, who is a PC user, has an opportunity to use my Mac, he is always looking for a harder way to do things!

    I, too have used Reunion software for my genealogy for many years, and love it. When PC users with other genealogy software saw some of the reports I had generated in Reunion, they were wowed. I'll also be interested in what you have to say about Evernote. I developed my own database in FileMakerPro to keep track of genealogical sources (including notes, quotes and extracts and related to-do lists).