Monday, January 20, 2014

Mondays with Myrt - 20 Jan 2013

It's easier than ever to VIEW a live Hangout on Air since each has a specific URL.  In fact you can now comment in the same place if you like. Isn't Google+ awesome?!! Here's the link for today's event. We start in about 90 minutes.
A newsy, "across Myrt's desk" event, exploring all types of #genealogy research techniques, challenges, technology and such. Mondays with Myrt is about working together to get around those brick walls, sharing what we’ve learned in a relaxed format.

Our topics?

  • Google Community - why you may want to create one for your family.
  • Evernote - the continuing saga
  • Google Calendar - Creating one.
  • Myrt's report on SLIG - Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy. How do genealogists request documents? See also: Thomas W. Jones, "Focused Versus Diffuse Research," OnBoard 17 (September 2011):17-18
  • James Tanners What we bring to our genealogical table
  • Cousin Russ - 3 word concept
  • Mac genealogy software 
  • Myrt's taken the jump - MacBook Pro - Where's the delete key? I know it's there, but it is acting like a backspace key, and I do a lot of deleting and backspacing. First world problems.
  • Citing a live webinar.
  • RootsTech 2014

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt :)
Your friend in genealogy.

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