Monday, February 24, 2014

Mondays with Myrt - 24 Feb 2014 starts in about an hour

OK, back from Florida and looking forward to Mondays with Myrt. It seems we never have enough time to actually talk about our research challenges. We go to meetings, conferences, institutes and we learn from others. We attend webinars and hangouts - and yet, there is little time to discuss just where we are in our research, and where we want to go. Today Ol' Myrt here is excited to hear what YOU want to talk about.

Just a few topics to get our conversation going:

MORE ABOUT PERSI (Periodical Source Index)
 Today Harold Henderson posted What I knew about PERSI wasn't so.

Why use a Google+ Community?
We didn't get much of a chance to talk about this during our last session.

+Chris Paton provides a nice summary Who Do You Think You Are Live 2014 - report. With the venue being demolished, what DO you think about holding the conference elsewhere in the UK?

+Christa Cowan writes "Often times we approach our research with preconceived notions—stories we were told as children about great-grandma coming from France as a child, or of grandpa being part Native American, along with others. But sometimes these "facts" can get in the way of the truth and cause brick walls. - Join's expert Crista Cowan for help to overcome preconceived notions

Adding unnecessary weight to an information item just because it was the first one you gathered? Just because it came from a family member? 

DROPBOX: Terms of Use Change by +Judy Russell

FINDING THE ANCESTOR'S LOCATION Jenna Mills originally shared to Kentucky Genealogy+ (Discussion): "I believe I'm having a researchers block. I want to find out the geographic boundaries in the 1900 census for Clark County, ED 13 Mag Dist 5. I've been to the Family Search Wiki and to Steve Morse's site. Where else can I look? Thanks."

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Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt :)
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  1. Thanks for the shout Pat - though just to correct what's written, it isn't the WDYTYA venue that is being demolished (Kensington Olympia), but a similar facility at nearby Earls Court. This means one venue where there were previously two, so more pressure on Olympia for those wishing to book a show there. The rumour was going around at the event that someone else had already booked the show's usual slot in 2015, and the organisers have yet to confirm or deny if this is the case, or what the plans are for next year. There will be a show next year - it's just that no-one knows where as yet!