Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Our RootsTech 2014 Computer Lab Update

Cousin +Russ Worthington , +Barry Kline , +Jenny Lanctot and Ol' Myrt here look forward to teaching two computer lab classes at #RootsTech 2014 this week:

  • Google Hangouts 101a: The Panelists' View (Thursday 2:30) LAB1491T, Room 251BC
  • Google Hangouts 101a: The Panelists' View (Friday 1:00) Computer LAB1491F, Room 251BC

Google Hangouts On Air have changed dramatically since handouts for the labs were submitted, as required, by 1 Nov 2013. As such, the following handouts are provided here for our student's convenience:

UPDATED 5 February 2014


1.     Open a web browser.

2.     Log in to your Google+ account.

3.     Go to EVENTS and find:

Significant HOA changes have taken place:
  • A Hangout on Air can be scheduled in advance with a unique URL.
  • Private Hangouts on Air are scheduled on the host's YouTube Channel.
  • Comments can be posted either publicly, on the YouTube Channel, or in a Google+ Community.

6 ways of participating in a Google+ Hangout on Air.

1.     HOST - the person setting up the Hangout on Air.

2.     CO-HOST – optional, but highly recommended.

3.     JOINers or Panelists – limited to ten in the “filmstrip” area of the HOA, each with headsets and webcams.

4.     VIEWers – literally thousand can view via a public “Event” on Google+.

5.     VIEWers - literally thousands can view live via the host’s YouTube Channel.

6.     WATCH LATER – the auto-recorded HOAs archived in the host’s YouTube Channel. 

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