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MGP2 - Chapter 5 GPS Element 3: Analysis and Correlation

Now that we've pulled information items from each document and cited the source of each, we now face the task of analysis: "What does the information item state or imply?" We must then correlate these findings with information items from in all sources to determine an answer to our research question.

Tomorrow's MGP2 (Mastering Genealogical Proof Study Group 2) will tackle Chapter 5 of Dr. Thomas W. Jones' Mastering Genealogical Proof.


1. REVIEW MGP1 - Chapter 5 GPS Element 3: Analysis and Correlation

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Sunday, 30 March 2014

10am Eastern (New York)
9am Central (Chicago)
8am Mountain (Salt Lake City, Denver)
7am Pacific (Los Angeles)

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Read each chapter in advance of the study group session, but don't attempt to do your written homework until the panel has discussed the chapter. We are on the honor system here. No need to check in with Ol' Myrt. In fact, Dr. Jones has provided answers at the end of the book.

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The MGP Study Group 2 will have one advantage:  We can view the MGP1 (Mastering Genealogical Proof Study Group One) archived sessions in addition to attending our own sessions. Those archived versions appear on DearMYRTLE's YouTube Channel located here:

Feb 16, 2014 - Orientation

Feb 23, 2014 - Chapter 1 Genealogy’s Standard of Proof

Mar 2, 2014 - Chapter 2 Concepts Fundamental to the GPS
Mar 9, 2014  - Chapter 3 GPS Element 1: Thorough Research

Mar 16, 2014 – Chapter 3 Revisited

Mar 23, 2014 –   Chapter 4 GPS Element 2: Source Citations

Mar 30, 2014 -  Chapter 5 GPS Element 3: Analysis and Correlation

Apr 6, 2014 - Chapter 6 GPS Element 4: Resolving Conflicts and Assembling Evidence
April 13, 2014 - Chapter 7 GPS Element 5: The Written Conclusion
April 20, 2014 – Skip this week due to Easter
April 27, 2014 - Chapter 8 Using the GPS and Chapter 9 Conclusion and graduation


Thomas W. Jones, Mastering Genealogical Proof  (Arlington, Virginia: National Genealogical Society, 2013). [Book available from the publisher at , also available in Kindle format, described here.]

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