Monday, March 31, 2014

Mondays with Myrt - 31 March 2014

Heavens, Ol' Myrt fell back asleep in the middle of eating her Monday morning yogurt. But now that I'm up and about, I'm looking forward to another "Mondays with Myrt" Hangout on Air. You may watch it here, but it's much better to come over to the DearMYRTLE Genealogy Community on Google Plus, where you may VIEW and COMMENT, and perhaps even JOIN the panel during "scramble".

VIEW and COMMENT by following this link:
Clicking the URL above will take you to the place on Google+ where Cousin +Russ Worthington watches for comments from the "peanut gallery" to weave into our conversation during the live event.

Or you may just sit here and VIEW or watch later.

Unlike other genealogy society meetings, Mondays with Myrt is all about conversation. This free-form discussion will undoubtedly make several twists and turns, but here are a few things to get us started:

+Bernice Bennett sent me a copy of her brand new book Our Ancestors, Our Stories. She is one of five in a group called The Memory Keepers striving to tell the stories of black ancestors in Southern US history, usually only seen through the eyes of southern whites. "...The Memory Keepers is a correction to this bias. South Carolina's history has too often been written by white elites and about white elites, and often centers on Charleston and the lowcounty, and not on the lives of ordinary people, especially those enslaved in the upcountry areas like the Old Edgefield District." Thank you to co-authors Harris Bailey, Bernice Alexander Bennett, Ellen LeVonne Butler, Ethel Dailey, and Vincent Sheppard for guiding us through their research as they journey to discover the names and stories of their ancestors. Great case studies, but more importantly, preserving heritage.

This week we'll explore Google+ and find out WHY Ol' Myrt here thinks "Communities" are more important that "Circles". Last Monday we discussed Facebook "groups" and how to join and pin them to your left side nav bar. This Monday Ol' Myrt here will explain WHY G+ "communities" are the way to go.  For instance, Circles work for quick communication with a small specific group of people, but even so, the post will get lost in the Google+ stream. Here's a pretty good write-up on Google+, Beginner's Guide to Understanding Google Plus by Scott Buehler.

+Eric Stitt has a new blog titled Genealogy Through Google Earth. Of particular interest, in these short posts is Overlay... Window to the Past

Amy, daughter of James Tanner has been exploring a problem in her now updated post titled FamilySearch is corrupting Sourced Entries: Needs to Stop Immediately.

What do YOU want to talk about?

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt :)
Your friend in genealogy.

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