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The Ragu Challenge: 3-2-1 CITE!

Thanks for the feedback to yesterday's post You are bigger than your genealogy program.
  • Angie Bush (via Facebook) said "Great post! Warren Bitner is always railing against the "false research imperative" that genealogy software tries to impose on us. The more research I do, the less I use genealogy software at all!"
  • Susan Clark (via Facebook) said "Atta girl, Myrt! I get so tired of trying to fit my data, analysis, etc. into the neat little slots the database provides!"
  • Elizabeth Shown Mills (via Facebook) said "Dear Myrt's blog post, today, had me saying YES! by the time I finished reading the title. Then I got several paragraphs into it and saw the EE reference. Even without that I would still pass this link along because paragraphs 2-5 are worth shouting from the rooftops!" 
  • Hilary Gadsby (via G+) said "My software does not create a source citation for you. It allows you to attach as many sources as you need to any particular event or characteristic that you care to record from birth to hair colour. Each source will add it's own piece of information and as you can attach notes you can include your analysis as a note to build your conclusion. I have not been using it to do the full analysis but I hope to start attaching better citations and conclusions after our discussions in the MGP study group. Maybe we should all step back and see how we can get our software to do what we want." 
WHAT'S THE RAGU CHALLENGE? Cousin +Russ Worthington and I got together and created The Ragu Challenge (yes, its in there!) for our followers. Here's the scoop:


3 documents
2 paragraphs
1 event
CITE those sources
To participate in this challenge you may choose from the following places to post your 3-2-1 Cite challenge:

 1. BLOG - If you have a blog, do the writeup on your blog, but please share it with Ol' Myrt so we can spotlight it to others during an upcoming Mondays with Myrt Hangout on Air.

2. FACEBOOK - Share your post in the DearMYRTLE's Facebook Group.

3. GOOGLE+ - Share your post over in DearMYRTLE's Genealogy Community.

4. YouTube - Yes, some over-achievers have already asked. Though our recording to introduce the challenge didn't include YouTube, you may certainly share your three documents, recite your two paragraphs, for the one event in an ancestor's life, then cite your sources. An easy way to do this is to record a Google+ Hangout on Air, where you have not invited anyone.  You may then share your screen to zoom in one each of your three documents. One the recording is archived, just share the link with Ol' Myrt.

Is there a prize? Will deliver a case of Ragu Spaghetti Sauce? You bet!

Cousin +Russ Worthington's FTM 2014 Response "You are bigger than your genealogy program" in his FTM User Blog.

Happy family tree climbing!
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  1. Started a new genealogy blog to try this challenge! I picked a well-documented event to start out - maybe I'll try one where I haven't found any direct sources yet.