Saturday, May 03, 2014

MGP2: The final chapters and graduation

We are concluding our studies following Dr. Thomas W. Jones' advice in Mastering Genealogical Proof.  Ol' Myrt here will be signing on from Bradenton, FL where I'll have just attended my friend's funeral. How precious our time is together. I'm proud of our panelists, and am pleased so many have been tuning in and working through the chapter assignments on their own.

Sunday, May 4, 2014
10am Eastern (New York)
9am Central (Chicago)
8am Mountain (Salt Lake City, Denver)
7am Pacific (Los Angeles)

The panelists have already been chosen, but you may follow along. This is the link to VIEW and COMMENT:

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Thomas W. Jones, Mastering Genealogical Proof  (Arlington, Virginia: National Genealogical Society, 2013). [Book available from the publisher at , also available in Kindle format, described here.] 
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