Monday, June 23, 2014

Preserving Serbian Church Records?

As promised during this morning's *Mondays with Myrt - 23 June 2014* I've put Father Ivan Delic in touch with the folks at with an email introduction. Hopefully a partnership will ensue, preserving the Serbian records within Fr. Ivan's purview. Ol' Myrt here had previously heard of Fr. Ivan from Cousin Russ Worthington .

Today during the HOA, Fr. Ivan described deteriorating records preserved through what can only be termed miraculous means. We learned Fr. Ivan lives a short distance from the Belgrade cemetery where airmen from multiple nationalities are buried. There is a circa 1951-2004 database developed by Fr. Ivan in Access format, indexing some 26,000 records.

When asked about his wishes for the records Fr. Ivan suggests: local archives access; Ancestry or FamilySearch involvement; access for Americans of Serbian descent, etc.

My suggestion to consider is because of the multi-language format of the website, and the fact that Serbian emigrants may prefer their native language. I assured Fr. Ivan that MyHeritage has moved well into the US market.

The link to the Mondays with Myrt - 23 June 2014 (HOA) is: where the Fr. Ivan segment begins at approximately 27:39 into the recording. (The recording ends abruptly due to internet issues in Ol' Myrt's neighborhood.)

Now we know all these negotiations take time. Let's hope that in some small way today's Mondays with Myrt conversation will have been the impetus for breakthrough records preservation in Serbia. As +Randy Seaver said, Fr. Ivan has "boots on the ground" experience, so vital to understanding how and where records are kept. 

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  1. Watching and listening to this unfold was so moving! I look forward to further updates. What a wonderful way to utilize social media.