Monday, June 16, 2014

VBlogging, Facebook and Google+, Oh My!

This Ol' gal has been experimenting the last six weeks with "social media" by NOT blogging, but continuing to use Facebook and Google+ to share info with my followers. The fact there is more traffic on the following three social media outlets informed my decision to test:

  1. DearMYRTLE's Facebook Group located here:
  2. DearMYRTLE's Genealogy Community on G+ located here:
    This is the primary location for info about the three genealogy events I host each week with the able assistance of  +Cousin Russ. These are currently Mondays with Myrt (90 minute free form discussion), Wacky Wednesday (60 minute single how-to topic) and Genealogy Game Night. Be sure to check the Calendar for scheduling details.
  3. My Pat Richley-Erickson personal page on Facebook located here:
    A surprising number of people care about my grandson's Type 1 Diabetes, photos I upload about my grandchildren and the research trips Mr. Myrt and I take.
NOTE: I turned off comments on DearMYRTLE's YouTube Channel because I want all conversation archived with the embedded video over in DearMYRTLE's Genealogy Community on G+. It seems YouTube gives Ol' Myrt more trouble with spammers. Potential followers may go to the Community, be accepted as a member before they can post, so we've not had a single spammer there.

  • I believe publishing a blog post makes no difference in live attendance at my Hangouts on Air. 
  • Most of my followers are getting information from DearMYRTLE's Facebook group and Google+ community. 
  • Some days more "genealogy talk" from followers happens in reaction to a notice I directly post on Google+. Then a week will go by where Facebook is really hopping with activity. 
  • In my experience, more substantive comments are posted on Google+.
  • Membership growth is consistent and similar comparing DearMYRTLE's Facebook and Google+ community.
  • VBlogging (video blogging) is a lot of fun. 
  • Recording a demo is easier than typing a blog post.
  • I agree with James Tanner (aaack!) that LinkedIn isn't where its happening for collaboration among genealogists, their family members and clients. See his post titled The Move from Facebook to LinkedIn.

I just noticed @DearMYRTLE has over 5,000 Twitter followers. Yikes! I don't tweet very much, except for #genchat, #RootsTech and during TV genealogy show broadcasts. Who ARE these people?

This Ol' gal is going to take advantage of "social media" to:
  • Record more frequent "short subject" VBlog posts (3-8 minutes in length) as we are seeing in my new series Starting Over.
  • Experiment to address the Twitter audience with the information I'm curating and the vblog (video blog) posts I'm producing.
  • Work with +Cousin Russ to produce helpful VBlog training posts about how tfree Google+ resources can be useful to individuals, societies, family associations. 
  • Assist professional genealogists wishing to offer dynamic multi-media components when communicating with clients.
  • From time to time I will create a blog post just to keep up with this older technology.
You know the age-old paper format family history isn't as much fun as digital,
particularly when family members of all ages can collaborate.

WHY do any of this? Well, Ol' Myrt here just loves to get folks talking about how to:
  • improve research skills
  • understand the genealogical proof standard
  • compile reasonably accurate personal and family histories. 
Technological advances each day make it easier to accomplish these goals. 

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt :)
Your friend in genealogy.

G+ DearMYRTLE Community
Twitter: @DearMYRTLE
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  1. I think it is great that you are using all of these great social media outlets! It definitely helps with interactivity. I would posit though that one of the greatest benefits of blogging, if used in tandem with all of the other platforms, is that it can serve as a central archive for all of your activity and is a great knowledge management tool. Keep up the great work.

  2. Such a useful post, Pat.

    I wondered about the Likes and Comments on your Youtube channel as I wanted to like the videos I watched this week but was unable to do so.

    I will think about turning off comments on my GeniAus hangouts on Youtube - it makes sense to keep the conversation all in one spot.

    I am cotemplating doing more vblogging as I am a terrible typist and the arthritis in the hands doen't appreciate the time I spend on the keyboard.

    1. Jill, we've just heard that Google will be giving us new tools and better screening to deal with spam on our YouTube channels, so my policy may change once those changes are in place!

  3. You are amazing! This post has so much strength to it! Mission, Vision, Strategies and a review of past strategies: all based on data. I would imagine most followers are genealogists, but this is a great post to show a model for professional growth plans. You never cease to amaze me, encourage me, and push me to do better. And, you don't even know me!! (I've been following and learning from you and Cousin Russ for the past year). THANKS for all you do

    1. DearKIM, it means to the world to both me and +Cousin Russ that you follow us. We don't always get it right, but at least we're in conversation trying to learn the best research practices.

  4. I am like you when it comes to Twitter I follow a number of people but do not look at their tweets that often. Rootstech and sometimes genchat and the feed related to some tv programmes I follow but not every day.
    Facebook is an occasional look but Google+ has really taken off for me as regards genealogy.

  5. Pat,

    I want to let you know that your blog post is listed in today's Fab Finds post at

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    1. Thank-you, DearJANA for including our work in Fab Finds. I'll be sure to share the link with my people!