Thursday, July 17, 2014 Finding and reading genealogy blogs

Once again my very distant cousin, Fräulein Schmidt, shared her expertise, this time regarding Principles discussed during this Hangout On Air include:

Genealogy blogs are a viable method for distribution of news, helpful hints and how-to discussions. Individuals may "blog" to spotlight specific ancestors and discuss current research processes and challenges. Societies may consider moving from paper newsletter publication to a blog site where each article is an individual post. Reading such blogs is how DearMYRTLE keeps up with what's happening in the world of genealogy. is blog reading service available in the following formats:

Subscriptions you set for blogs on one device are automatically synced to your other device(s) thanks to "cloud" technology.

The term "subscription" as you "subscribe" to a genealogy blog does not imply the blog subscription is fee based. The only known exception is the "Plus Edition" of Dick Eastman's genealogy blog.

Advantages of over email subscriptions to blogs include:

  • Access is not based on a specific computer, and can be accessed from any computer with an internet connection. (If accessing your account on a public computer such as at the library, be sure to log out before leaving the computer workstation.)
  • Access does not rely on email delivery, frequently problematic.
  • Access is by web and  mobile devices.
  • Feedly suggests additional blogs based on your current blog listings.
You may view blog posts via in the following formats:
  • magazine (large pics and a few lines of text)
  • card (mixed arrangement with smaller pics and a few lines of text)
  • full articles (full text)
  • title only (actually with a full line of text)
Unlike services like Zite, feedly does not pick and choose which paragraphs will be visable. Once you click to read a post, Feedly presents the full text and graphics as if from the original post. (Zite has been recently acquired by Flipboard, so it will be interesting to see how the Zite service improves.)

Commenting on a blog post is merely a matter of clicking on the title after reading, as this takes you directly to the blog's website.

We added the following blogs to a new account merely by typing in the blog title in the search box on Feedly. It's also possible just to copy/paste the URL of an interesting blog post in that same search box on, to have Feedly import access to the entire blog and it's upcoming posts.
Fräulein Schmidt also explained how to delete a blog from one's feedly list.

Not mentioned during this introductory Feedly HOA:
  • web version customization (colors, etc.)
  • web version organization (dragging and dropping into categories)
  • multiple categories (say quilting and genealogy)
  • marking a post as read

Mr. Myrt disclosed late last night that during the HOA he set up his own Feedly account, inserting his favorite blogs in the categories of genealogy (of course), US Civil War and woodworking. Yup! He's moving into the cloud!

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt :)
Your friend in genealogy.

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  1. Yep! Feedly is great and how keel that Mr. Myrt is using it too!

  2. I use Feedly to track loads if blogs. It is great. I feed to about 10 different folders so that I see a topic at a time. Reading this post via Feedly.