Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Timestamped: 14 July 2014 Mondays with Myrt

+Cousin Russ has been busy this week getting timestamps working for Mondays with Myrt - 14 July 2014. Remember that you can move the slider bar at the bottom of the embedded video to get directly to the topic that interests you. If you view this in DearMYRTLE's Google+ community, the time stamps are clickable. (It's a Google thing, I guess!) Thankfully Russ has included links to  websites discussed during the show.r that you can click on the TimeStamp and you will be taken to that portion of the Show. We will include links to any websites discussed during the show. 

00:00 » Welcome by +DearMYRTLE
00:20 » Russ talked about vacation with grandkids
02:05 » Randy and his grandchildren plans
02:45 » Welcome to John Laws
04:21 » Welcome to Hilary, new computer and will be at RootsTech 2015
06:55 » Education with Dave Robison
11:48 » Shout out to June
12:14 » Comments from the community
13:54 » Upcoming Events (GeneaSleepover)
15:50 » 3, 2, 1, Cite July Challenge
20:02 » FamilySearch announced apps coming out Tuesday 15th
21:40 » Comment from the community
24:28 » Wacky Wednesday - Feedly
25:45 » Genealogy Game Night
26:45 » Comments from the community
27:39 » Randy and his Ice Cream Social and Libraries
55:53 » John talks about FHC in Scotland


1:00:40 » Hilary and FHC in Wales
1:08:49 » Library Comments from the Community
1:10:27 » Dave talks about NERGC


1:12:27 » WWI Challenge


1:13:50 » John talks about Tessa' short subject

Research Outlines & More

1:16:18 » Randy talked about another researcher did some work for him
1:19:31 » How to find a researcher for a location you might need some help with


1:28:40 » Checking in with Jim
1:29:24 » Technical issues with Tony
1:30:10 » Wrap Up for next week

Practical, down-to-earth advice for family historians. It's all about sharing the latest info for finding documents providing evidence of those elusive ancestors.We are using Google+ Hangouts On Air for this event.

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt :)
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