Monday, August 25, 2014

Activating my FamilySearch/LDS access to top 3 sites

As you may have heard, negotiations between and several major genealogy websites is being offered for free to LDS Church members. Today I decided to activate the links to expedite work on my FamilySearch tree. Ol' Myrt here made changes to her membership in the dollowing genealogy websites:
  • - seamless, though it recognized I already had a paid account.
  • - seamless, though it recognized I already had a paid account.
  • - seamless, though it recognized I already had a paid Word Explorer Membership. I was advised that I don't qualify for a refund.
I pay annually for my World Explorer Membership level at It expires in about 25 days or so. [Ancestry shows 27 days.] The popup explaining why I don't qualify for a 27 day refund is as follows:

SO I'M CANCELLING ANCESTRY.COM (sans refund) and activating the FamilySearch access

I'm still concerned about whether or not I'll be able to 
view ALL of the collections. 

The interim  screens imply there will be full access. The following is the one just prior to my clicking the option "Sign in to connect your account."

IMAGE: screen shot taken 4:10pm 25 August 2014 by this author.
The next screen, not shown, requests my user name and password. The following screen explains my "World Explorer Membership will end today" (point A) and that my new subscription "Free LDS-Ancestry Membership starts today" (point B) with further clarification that "LDS-Ancestry Memberships are provided through a collaboration between Ancestry and FamilySearch. The membership gives you free access to Ancestry services and worldwide record collections."

This implies, but stops short of specifying that my old paid "World Explorer Membership" and my new free "Ancestry services and worldwide record collections" are the same.

IMAGE: Screen shot, 4:20pm 25 August 2014, with red letter
and arrow enhancements added by this author.

GREAT BIG HINT: I wish would assure me I've not downgraded by access in favor of linkable access to my FamilySearch tree.

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt :)
Your friend in genealogy.

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  1. My guess is that there are databases that Ancestry has licensed and that whoever actually owns those databases has a contractual clause in the agreement preventing them from being made accessible to anyone other than paid subscribers of Ancestry (i.e Ancestry can't offer them as 'free' databases) .

  2. I believe I saw a post by a user on's Facebook page indicating the free membership through FamilySearch did not grant access to all of the paid databases. I spoke with a rep at over the weekend for some help with technical issues and during the course of our conversation he advised me that getting the FamilySearch access would give me access to more than I am getting right now with my US only access. I'll be looking into it.

  3. As usual, Ancestry doesn't make it easy.