Tuesday, September 30, 2014

FamilySearch: It's not all THAT bad!

Double bubble, toil and trouble. What's been brewing over on Facebook is less than cheerful feedback about some new changes to the layout and design on FamilySearch.org. Personally, I like it, once you get used to where things are. For instance:

Ol' Myrt here loves the helpful links to online video courses, FamilySearch Catalog and +Cousin Russ' favorite - the FamilySearch Wiki. This is a smart move designed to get researchers oriented to researching in areas where they have little or no experience. (Circled items in column marked C below.)

Here's a screen shot for the FamilySearch England landing page. How I wish the word "INDEXED" (at point "A" above) and "IMAGE ONLY" (at point "B" above) were posted in reverse text, to make the distinction more obvious.

Here's a short subject video we've made to explore the new changes.

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt :)
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  1. Thanks for this video! You say much of what I was thinking about it and appreciate having your video to recommend to my students.