Friday, September 05, 2014

RootsMagic on a Mac - FINALLY?

YAY! Finally, some good news for us Mac users -- RootsMagic will run on a Mac without requiring Windows. You can bet I'm going to download MacBridge and see how this works. (Codeweaver's CrossOver 13 was such a disappointment, as it looked like Windows 3.x.)

 From RootsMagic's Facebook page, we find the following announcement posted a mere 55 minutes ago:

"One of the most common questions we are asked is, “When will RootsMagic run on a Mac?” With today’s release of MacBridge for RootsMagic 6, the answer is “right now”. MacBridge for RootsMagic 6 allows you easily install and run RootsMagic on your Mac in mere minutes with almost no additional setup or configuration.

MacBridge for RootsMagic is different than other solutions you may be familiar with. For starters, it does not install Windows on your Mac. It also does not create a slow and bulky virtual computer. It runs right on your Mac, using your Mac file system. You can even put the RootsMagic icon on your dock for easy one-click access! So while we are busily working on an actual native Mac version of RootsMagic, MacBridge for RootsMagic 6 gives you the ability to work on a Mac today.

Want to see it for yourself? Here’s a short video demonstrating how quick and easy it is to download and install RootsMagic onto your Mac:

Still have questions? Take a look at our answers to some Frequently-Asked Questions about MacBridge for RootsMagic.

Currently, MacBridge for RootsMagic 6 is available only as a download. The regular price is $14.95 but for a limited time, you can get it for only $9.95. So if you or someone you know uses a Mac and has felt left out of the RootsMagic magic, do yourself (or them) a favor and check out MacBridge for RootsMagic today!"
All I can say is finally, finally, finally.

And it remains to be seen how this MacBridge for RootsMagic 6 looks and feels. I'm going to take it for a test drive later today, and plan to report during the next Mondays with Myrt.

Happy family tree climbing!
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  1. Roots magic STILL looks like Win 3.x Family Tree Maker is so much better and easier to get around in, but Roots Magic's source handling is what made me switch. I still can't bring myself to uninstall Family Tree Maker though

  2. DearDON,
    I respectfully disagree that RootsMagic for Windows on the Windows platform looks like Win 3.x. It is only when attempting to use RM with CrossOver on my Mac that I see the slow-down along with Win 3.X file access menus, etc.

    My Cousin +Russ Worthington would agree with your preference for the most recent version of FTM. You'll find him over at

    1. Thanks for the reply - I do follow Russ' blog as well. I'm not trying to put down anyone who uses Roots Magic, But the design has stayed the same since version 4 which was released over 5 years ago. I just wish it was a little more polished and the navigation made more sense. As an example, In RM when the family tab is selected and you click on one of the parents it doesn't bring the parent's family into view. In order to do that, you have to click on the tiny red arrow to the right of their name to "slide" them into view or counter-intuitively, click on the pedigree, then back to the family tab.

      Compare that to FTM, when you click on someone anywhere in the pedigree view, it brings their family into focus and switches to them as the person of focus. In FTM you can also adjust (or collapse) the lower pane (the children) to make a larger or smaller pedigree rather than just the father and mother's parents. In Roots magic the lower pane has space for 25 children - why not have some flexibility to make this a little smaller? The rightmost vertical pane in FTM also allows for quick entry of basic facts without having to switch to a full page "edit person" although you still can bring up a full page version. It also allows you to customize which facts are included in that pane besides the basic BMD facts.

      I still plod through Roots Magic because of the source handling, but it makes me cry inside a little bit every time I use it.

    2. Well, Don, I understand you have your preferences and I have mine. No point in fighting with RM if you prefer FTM, sir.