Monday, September 15, 2014

Timestamped: Mondays with Myrt - 15 Sept 2014

This is the *#TimeStamped* version of *Mondays with Myrt for 15 September 2014.* Remember that you can click on the TimeStamp and you will be taken to that portion of the video. We have included links to websites discussed during the show.

00:00 » DearMYRTLE welcomes you to Mondays with Myrt
00:38 » Celebrating Myrt's father's birthday with a family photo
01:10 » Randy's newest Grandson
01:48 » Myrt canvases the panel for what they want to talk about
08:13 » Comments from the community
09:09  » Preview of Wacky Wednesday
11:45 » WiFi Extenders

Amazon: NETGEAR AC750 -802.11AC Dual Band Gigabit Wi-Fi Range Extender (EX6100)

17:48 » FHISO Conversation

19:54 » Kinship vs Cousins
22:40 » Andrew expands on FHISO and includes the Kinship issue
30:20 » What do we do when a website goes away?

Missing ProGenealogists’ Online Citation Guide question from Pam Sayre, CG,
answered by Drew Smith, one of The Genealogy Guys:

The Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine can help: (426 Billion web pages saved)

34:06 » Are you citing your sources with a generic format or a Template from your software?
37:26 » Transcribe or capture facts or events
41:45 » Can you add a person not related into your database
53:44 » Kinship vs Relationship

A.J. Jacobs Cousin Connections - Um, Not Really:

Cousins, Kinship, AJ Jacobs and King David:

1:01:15 » Dave and Randy are related
1:03:09 » Hilary about Google Alerts

Hilary Gadsby's website that she was sharing

1:17:59 » Lifehacker Post on Citations

Cousin Russ: Lifehacker’s Post about Inserting Citations in Multiple Formats Easily with Google Docs:

1:21:25 » How to publish to Google Drive

Google Drive – Drive Bunny’s Blog
Improved Publishing Interface for Docs, Sheets and Slides:

1:28:00 » Community comments about Cloud Technology
1:30:29 » John and his Blog

John Laws Blog

1:38:45 » Happy tree climbing, that's a wrap

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt :)
Your friend in genealogy.

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