Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Bruce was right, just don't tell his wife

DearREADERS,Speculation about the identity of the next 2015 RootsTech keynote speaker has been burning up Facebook, Twitter and Google+. +Bruce Buzbee guessed correctly. Here's the official announcement:

World’s Largest Family Reunion Founder to Speak at World’s Largest Family History Event

AJ Jacobs
What do George and Barbara Bush, Daniel Radcliffe, Abraham Lincoln, and Gwyneth Paltrow have in common? They’re all cousins of RootsTech 2015 keynote speaker A.J. Jacobs! 

We are excited to announce that best-selling author, Esquire magazine editor, and founder of the Global Family Reunion, A.J. Jacobs will be joining RootsTech 2015 as a keynote speaker on Friday, February 13. Through his unique ability to be sincere, laugh-aloud funny, and intelligent, he will inspire you to discover and share your family stories and connections—past and present.

Jacobs’s fascination with genealogy started when he got an email from one of his readers in Israel pointing out that he and Jacobs were distantly related along with 80,000 other relatives the reader had tracked down. Since then, Jacobs has made it his mission to connect with as many cousins as he can find and to organize the world’s largest family reunion.

“We’re not alone,” Jacobs has learned. “We’re connected to people all over the world. Some of them are going to be great, and some of them are going to be irritating. But they are all related to me.”
Join us as A.J. Jacobs inspires us to connect with our families—and him. After all, in some way or another, he’s probably a cousin.

Passes start at just $19. Register Today.

Happy family tree climbing!
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