Wednesday, October 29, 2014

#RootsTech 2015: Who will be the next keynote speaker?

RootsTech is better at building interest this time around by releasing clues a few days before actual announcements. Who do you think this second keynote speaker will be? Barbara? Laura? Hillary? One of the girls? +Bruce Buzbee thinks it will be +AJ Jacobs of Global Family Reunion fame.

From a FB post, we read:
"This week we are announcing another keynote speaker for RootsTech 2015. Here is a clue: Former U.S. presidents George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton are both cousins to this keynote speaker.
Stay tuned until Wednesday when we will unveil who this keynote speaker is. You can also follow the link to see which keynote speakers we have already announced."

 +Randy Seaver says it cannot be Barbara, Laura or Hillary, because of the "cousin" connection. Yet, if AJ is to be believed, aren't we all cousins? Stay tuned.

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