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Timestamped: Mondays with Myrt - 6 Oct 2014

This is the #TimeStamped version of Mondays with Myrt for 06 October 2014. Remember that you can click on the TimeStamp and you will be taken to that portion of the Show. We have included links to websites discussed during the show.

00:00 » DearMYRTLE welcomes everyone
00:24 » Comment from the Community
00:49 » Reviewed Wacky Wednesday and what we missed

Wacky Wednesday - Attaching Images to Ancestor Profiles
WACKY Wednesday: Attaching images to ancestor profiles

02:02 » Where's the Conversation?
05:58 » Comments from the Community
08:45 » Carmen discusses Attaching Images in Legacy Family Tree

Legacy Family Tree

26:00 » Comments from the Community
30:23 » Social Media discussion

A Day in the Life of a Social Media Manager

56:41 » "Training" your followers (person or society)
1:01:05 » Open and Closed Groups on Facebook
1:05:16 » How to put and Embedded Link into a blog
1:08:55 » URL Shorting utilities
1:09:55 » Comments from the Community
1:14:05 » Comment about +Heather Kraafter and her Kraafting Kommunity on G+
1:16:55 » Talk about the Lineage Trap (Tony's Blog Post)

Tony Proctor - Parallax View Blog

1:30:10 » Comments from the community

1:34:50 » Comments from the community
1:35:55 » The Dade Registers

Dade Records

More on the Dade Records

1:43:26 » Upcoming Board Meeting in SLC this weekend

Practical, down-to-earth advice for family historians.

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