Sunday, November 30, 2014

5-Minute Tour of GenDetective and 20% discount thru 1 Dec

+Sandra Rumble wrote yesterday of DAR computer challenges*, but on a positive note her recent email explains "GenDetective 2011 was all about the reports.  GenDetective 2 is all about visualizing your family and research along with your reports.  GenDetective 2 contains many new graphical features including:

  • My Research Progress -- see your research progress; click any bar to see a list of people with or without a specific item like birth date or birth location
  • My Maps -- visualize your family in a geographical context from World view, country and state views.  See where they lived in relation to each other
  • My Family -- plan your research by using timelines combined with a chart identifying suggested research areas
  • My Video Library -- a video library containing over 15 videos showing how to get the most from GenDetective
Upgrade to GenDetective 2 between November 28 - Dec 1st for a 20% discount.  Use offer code SHOPSM14 at checkout for savings on either the upgrade version or the full version of GenDetective 2!

Link to purchase

*Her DAR computer troubles? Sandra and a friend took the train from Philly specifically to access the scanned documents submitted with approved lineages they are also tracing. Once in the DAR's Seimes Technology Center, the computer system was down and "unfixable" that day, according to DAR staff. OK, DAR: and our dear Eric: that's what websites and blogs are for - to alert the public of unscheduled closings and unresolved computer access issues.

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