Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Best Thing: Which digital cameras works best

Three folks have inquired about the camera Ol' Myrt prefers to use with the copy stand shown in my post Best Thing: Photo Copy Stand, for easier scanning. Two cameras come to mind.

I've been taking photography classeswith my Cannon EOS Rebel T3i with 18 megapixels, several lenses and filters for outdoor close-up shots of flower blossoms. This camera works fine with the copy stand. Significant to the process is what Cannon calls the "Vari-angle 3.0-inch Clear View LCD monitor (3:2) for shooting at high or low angles." Basically it's a tilt-able viewing screen, so it's easier on Ol' Myrt's tippie toes and neck to focus on the shot.

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The red arrow (above) shows where to place your finger and open the LCD monitor. The green arrow shows where the monitor panel will pivot. This alternate viewer is similar to those on video cameras.
The use of colored filters sometimes "pull" out the faded portions of an ancestral photograph. I never know which will turn out best, so I'll take multiple shots of a faded ancestral portrait:
  • no filter
  • one with each colored lens filter in my pack (I'm partial to the two red ones.)

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However, it isn't necessary to spend this much money on a camera. In fact, one time Mr. Myrt had me run out and purchase a inexpensive digital camera so we could double up on digitizing files at the US Army Military History Institute Library. I just checked and for $68 one can purchase a 20.1 megapixel digital camera that should fit the bill.

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IMPORTANT: Just be sure the camera you purchase has the little screw socket on the bottom of the case, so the camera can be mounted on the copy stand.

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Best Thing: Photo Copy Stand, for easier scanning

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Happy family tree climbing!
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  1. Myrt:

    I've long ago stopped using a digital camera in favor of my Windows smart phone, that can take 8.7 MP photos, has apps to correct and edit the photo and even OCR the contents, and is connected to my OneDrive cloud. Also, it fits better in my pocket.


    1. You know, Louis, I was thinking of that for on-the-go, and there is a adapter that can be purchased to put a smart phone on the copy stand. Let me get the link for you. In fact, let me be sure all my DearREADERS hear about this little gadget by making a full post about this unit:

      I use this for my AmbushCAM interviews.