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FindMyPast: Scottish, Irish and US records updates

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Findmypast releases over 13 million Scottish births, baptisms and marriages, 1.3 million Irish newspaper articles, an 1895 Gazetteer covering the whole of England and Wales, US records from the states of Iowa, Oregon and Arizona, and announce their first ever ‘Christmas Countdown’
Findmypast is thrilled to be releasing over 13 million Scottish births, baptisms and marriages for the first time as part of this week’s Findmypast Friday.
Every Friday, thousands of new records are released on our dedicated Findmypast Friday page to explore over the weekend. Alongside the new Scottish records, this week’s additions include 25 new Irish newspaper titles and 1.3 million articles, an 1895 Comprehensive Gazetteer of England and Wales, Arizona marriages, Iowa Deaths and Oregon births.
We are also pleased to announce the launch of our first ever ‘Findmypast Christmas Countdown’, a host of daily festive treats that will be released throughout December. To get you in the mood for Christmas, we’ve lined up an array of goodies, from history quizzes and prize draws to guest columns, historical recipes, and expert family history tips. Between December 1st and 25th, be sure to check our dedicated Christmas Countdown  page every day to discover your daily historical highlight and make sure you don’t miss out! Visit our blog on Monday to learn more.
  • Our new Scotland Births and Baptisms 1564-1950, contain over 9.3 million records, each consisting of a transcript of the original document. Spanning over 380 years of Scottish history, they will prove invaluable to those with Scottish ancestors as along with listing the date and place of a child’s baptism, they also list the full names of both parents including the mother’s maiden name -  information that is essential for uncovering the details of a previous generation.
  • The new collection of Scotland Marriages 1561-1910, spans almost 350 years and contains over 4.1 million records. Like the Scottish Births and Baptisms, these records can contain the names of the bride and groom’s parents.
  • The Comprehensive Gazetteer of England and Wales provides a unique snapshot of England and Wales in 1895. Containing over 19,000 images, more than 25,000 individual entries and beautiful colour maps of every English and Welsh County, the Gazetteer offers unique insights into where your ancestors lived their lives.
  • This month’s Irish newspaper update adds over 1.3 million new articles to the collection. 25 fascinating new titles have been added from all 4 provinces of the country, meaning the collection now holds over 40 titles containing over 3 million articles. Additional articles have also been added to a further existing 12 titles.
  • Arizona marriages 1865-1949 contains over 149,000 records that begin 47 years before Arizona became the 48th state in 1912. Each record includes a transcript identifying a marriage performed in the state and will usually include a couple’s first and last names, place and date of marriage, residence, age and the names of their parents.
  • Iowa deaths and burials 1850-1990 contains over 397,000 records that cover 140 years of the state’s history and date back to the first years after Iowa became the 29th state in 1846. Each record consists of a transcript of the original document that usually includes the deceased’s full name, age at death, date and place of birth, bate and place of death, burial details, occupation, ethnicity, marital status and the names and birth place of their parents.
  • Oregon births & baptisms 1868-1929 contains over 61,000 records and covers a wide range of births dating from just nine years after Oregon became the 33rd state in 1859. A number of records also list the details of individuals born outside of the state, who were registered with Oregon authorities at a later date.

About FindMyPast

Leading family history website Findmypast was the first company to make the complete birth, marriage and death indexes for England and Wales available online in April 2003, winning the Queen’s Award for Innovation. Findmypast has subsequently digitized many more family history records and now offers access to over 1.8 billion records dating as far back as 875 AD. This allows family historians to search for their ancestors among comprehensive collections of military, census, migration, parish, work and education records, newspapers as well as the original comprehensive birth, marriage and death records. The company runs the official 1911 census website for England and Wales in association with The National Archives and has digitized several other record sets from the national collection. Findmypast has also partnered with the British Library in a 10 year project to safeguard the future of the world's greatest local newspaper archive

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