Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Kids and Genealogy: Family History Stories

Thanks to Paul Nauta for bring news of this "kids and genealogy" resource. While originally intended for an LDS audience, I think all genealogists will find these suggestions helpful if the goal is to instill curiosity about ancestors in the hearts of our littlest family members.

Family History Stories - https://www.lds.org/topics/family-history/family-home-evening
"In an article in the March 2013 New York Times entitled “The Stories That Bind Us,” author Bruce Feiler shared psychologists’ findings that the more children knew about their family history, the better they were able to handle stressful situations.  The reasons were that the children realized they were a part of something bigger than themselves, they understood their family overcame many ups and downs, and they believed they could overcome difficulties too."
 Ol' Myrt's personal favorite? He Was a Blacksmith

Happy family tree climbing!
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