Thursday, November 20, 2014

REMINDER: 3rd Annual Share a Memory Contest

 +Janice Sellers  has done it! Have you figured out a way to spotlight an ancestor  and share with the non-genealogists in the family?  Here's the link to Janice's post titled Cornelius Gottschalk Sellers, My Civil War Ancestor in her Ancestral Discoveries blog. Interestingly, it may appear that Cornelius wasn't all that excited to be serving in the military. Janice shares digital images of her ancestor's paper trail and points to additional research she plans to do to find his signature and determine where he is buried. This is a lot more interesting that just seeing a pedigree chart or a family group sheet with his dates of birth and death. There's a story to be told, and Janice is Sharing the Memory:


This means Janice is now eligible for one of the 3rd Annual SHARE A MEMORY CONTEST prizes to be awarded 1 December 2014. You've still got time to enter since the deadline is 30 November 2014. The challenge it to use any form of technology to share a memory of someone in your family tree.

FOR MORE INFORMATION about this year's contest, check the original announcement posted here.

Happy family tree climbing!
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