Sunday, November 30, 2014

SHARE A MEMORY: The "almost lost" tale of Nammie's Rocking Chair

+Linda Stufflebean writes "I didn't get the creative gene in my family and, for the most part, most of my family is only mildly interested in their ancestry. However, I am the first and only member to have started a blog and they are actually interested in reading some of the stories. Here is my memory about my 2x great grandmother, Nammie, and her rocking chair, which I proudly own."

BRAVA, DearLINDA. You are doing a marvelous job sharing memories of the ancestors. Ol' Myrt here loves the cover graphic for your blog Empty Branches on the Family Tree,  where the tree has some "leafed out" branches, and other branches that are decidedly bare. That's a great metaphor for the genealogy research yet to be accomplished. I just know your family appreciates hearing these ancestral tales. You are a great writer.

Now, on to sharing the your blog post titled Nammie's Rocking Chair and How I Almost Lost It at Empty Branches on the Family Tree. You've got quite an image collection of this precious rocker, as it has been passed down through the ages. I'm sure my DearREADERS will be glad to hear the "moving" story about the kindly neighbor. [Pun intended.]

The deadline is midnight, Mountain US time, Sunday, 30 Nov 2014, and the winners names will be drawn from Mr. Myrt's hat on Monday, 1 Dec 2014 during Mondays with Myrt.  

FOR MORE INFORMATION about this year's contest, check the original announcement posted here.

Happy family tree climbing!
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