Monday, November 24, 2014

SHARE A MEMORY: Mam-ma was a Tomboy

Looks like we have another entry for the 3rd Annual SHARE A MEMORY Contest. +Lisa Gorrell is hoping to win a headset with her entry:  Mam-ma was a Tomboy posted on her Mam-ma's Southern Family blog. Now I don't know too many Tomboys who love to wear dresses, but here's the first of many photos Lisa shares as she tells about her mother.

The tomboy part was probably influenced by being Mam-Ma being the only girl in a household of brothers growing up.

Thank-you, Lisa, for SHARING A MEMORY or two about your dear Mam-ma. And I do hope you win the headset, too. Why not take just 10 minutes today to write a post with a pic on:
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  • YouTube Video (I think +Hilary Gadsby has this in mind.)
SHARE A MEMORY in a way the non-genealogists in the family can relate. Let them know about the fun, quirky things you've discovered about your common ancestors.

FOR MORE INFORMATION about this year's contest, check the original announcement posted here.

Happy family tree climbing!
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