Sunday, November 30, 2014

SHARE A MEMORY: VoVillia's immigrant ancestor

+Jeff VoVillia writes "I created a scrapbook style website to show off my genealogy. Let me know what you think!" Well, Ol' Myrt thinks the layout with mostly pictures is intriguing, and will pull in non-genealogist family members. AND... I particularly like the video of Jeff's original immigrant ancestor, John B. VoVillia.

Jeff used scanned images of original documents including death records, newspaper clippings, maps, tombstones and other things that he has artfully zoomed in and out of during his short 3 minute 40 second, self-narrated video, complete with background music. I couldn't help myself, it's just plain FUN to go exploring on this site.

Oh gosh, I just discovered Jeff's Civil War ancestor video on this site. "Higbie left for the war just 3-days after his last daughter was born." You must tell us what software you used to create the video, the migration maps, etc. Mighty interesting.

Looks like Jeff has also used this cool website to encourage social media responses on each page. Perhaps this is how he will settle the "Mystery: Who is Betty Jean's Father?"

My DearREADERS will surely want to visit:

IMAGE: Screen shot from Jeff's website featuring the gravestone of his
Union Civil War ancestor, Myron Higbee, Company B, 12th Michigan Infantry.

The deadline is midnight, Mountain US time, Sunday, 30 Nov 2014, and the winners names will be drawn from Mr. Myrt's hat on Monday, 1 Dec 2014 during Mondays with Myrt.  

FOR MORE INFORMATION about this year's contest, check the original announcement posted here.

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