Thursday, November 20, 2014

WACKY Wednesday: Information Overload plus 2

+Carol Kostakos Petranek nailed it! Genealogists are suffering from that dreaded dis-ease known as information overload. There are just too many shaky leaves, smart matches and hints coming across our desks. Ol' Myrt here was pleased to present her very distant cousin Johanna Inari, from Lapland, the northern most province in Finland as a guest on this week's WACKY Wednesday: Information Overload Hangout on Air. Check out the archived version, plus two additional videos with +Cousin Russ all designed to help us whittle the research process down to size.

VIEW this WACKY Wednesday: Information Overload video (below) in which we discuss using a spreadsheet for one record group, and a spreadsheet for multiple websites, focusing on one per week repeating after eight weeks. We also discuss some likely places to look for background on a locality's probate records, etc., using the Wiki and the Wiki. Remember you may pause and rewind this video, to review as necessary. Continue the conversation by COMMENTing here in DearMYRTLE's G+ Community.

It's amazing how Ol' Myrt here and her distant cousin Johanna have inherited similar voice inflections. In fact they act and sound much alike. It must be in the genes?

VIEW +Cousin Russ FTM2014 Quaker Records Collection Hints (below) and COMMENT here in the Cousin Russ G+ Community.

VIEW DearMYRTLE's Information Overload: Google Calendars and Cozi (below) COMMENT here in DearMYRTLE's G+ Community.

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