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Best Thing: HD Webcam

Folks are always asking +Cousin Russ and Ol' Myrt here about the equipment we use for our G+ Hangouts on Air. I think it's because they want to start hosting online family reunions every month. Others belong to societies venturing into virtual board meetings and special interest group gatherings. Typically your laptop's built-in webcam is OK, but the resolution isn't that good.

So Ol' Myrt here recommends the Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920 with a built in microphone. Yes, I still prefer the sound quality of a USB headset mic, but I digress. The C920 is a very flexible little webcam that connects to the computer via a USB port.

By flexible, I mean the C920 can turn and bend to fit all sorts of laptops and monitors. The lens with left and right microphones can pivot up and down, once you "hang" this device at point "A" on your laptop. Below "A" there is a hinge, to control the angle of the mount. If you need a different angle, the little flap at "B" can fold out. Point "C" references the obverse, where you'll find the standard camera mount for attaching the webcam to a tripod.

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The webcam comes with digital image control software for PCs, but will also work on a Mac without digital controls. 

This webcam is so useful we have 3 in our home - 1 for Mr. Myrt and 1 for me and 1 for backup, though we've never had to use it in the last five years or so of having them.

Why wait for the summer to gather your family? Meet in person every month, or every week for that matter. Free Google+ Hangouts and Hangouts on Air (automatically recorded) are enhanced by a good HD webcam.

Happy family tree climbing!
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