Sunday, January 18, 2015

Announcing GenLaw Study Group Panelists

In response to the Call for Panelists: GenLaw Study Group 1, we've had generous responses from folks willing to serve in this capacity. They've agreed to equipment standards and guides for participation, and will become well-known to us in the genealogy community as pioneers in online education. This GenLaw Study Group begins Friday, 23 Jan 2015 and is the first of it's kind. Bravo! 

So, it is Ol' Myrt's great honor to announce the following panelists have been selected: 

Each panelist has been invited to our private "panelists only" area, where we can accomplish behind-the scenes tasks. That is where the private link to join the filmstrip panel will be posted.

All chapter reading and homework is to be done before the session, so we can discuss which portions are most intriguing or challenging.
  • 23 Jan 2015 - Chapter 1 Understanding the Law
  • 30 Jan2015 - Chapter 2 Understanding the Terminology
  • 6 Feb 2015 - Chapter 3 Types of Law
  • Break for FGS/RootsTech 2015
  • 20 Feb 2015 - Chapter 4 Finding the Pertinent Law
  • 27 Feb 2015 - Chapter 5 Sources to Use
  • 6 Mar 2015 - Chapter 6 Where to Research
  • 13 Mar 2015 - Chapter 7 Citing Legal Sources
  • 20 Mar 2015 - Chapter 8 Applying the Law to Ancestral Events
Live sessions appear weekly at:
Archived sessions, with all comments are archived at:

Check the GeneaWebinars Calendar for exact dates for this and other DearMYRTLE study groups and Hangouts on Air, in addition to over 200 hours of online genealogy classes, webinars and tweetchats from other hosts and presenters in the next 12 months.


Congratulations to our new panelists. I look forward to working with you during the coming 8 sessions of GenLaw1.

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt :)
Your friend in genealogy.

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  1. Hello Myrt! I would like to sign up for this GenLaw class... can you please direct me to where I can do so? Thank! Megan Heyl - Hunting Down History

    1. Dear Megan,
      We don't actually have a "sign up" sheet. One merely attends, watching live by going to: . Archived versions of each session are archived along with all comments and links mentioned at:

      I look forward to reading your comments as we work through:

      Kay Haviland Freilich and William B. Freilich, Genealogy and the Law: A Guide to Legal Sources for the Family Historian (Arlington, Virginia: National Genealogical Society, 2014). [Book available from the publisher at ]