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GenLaw Study Group starts tomorrow! 23 Jan 2015

Following my request that all participants of the GenLaw Study Group read each week's chapter and do the homework before coming to the Hangout on Air, Ol' Myrt here has been burning the midnight oil the last few evenings. It isn't that Chapter 1 is difficult, it's that I want to portray an accurate picture of the "law" as it applies to my state, per Chapter 1 homework assignment.

I chose Utah, since many of my paternal ancestors ended up settling circa 24 July 1847- 10 May 1869, in what's considered the "pioneer" stage of development. The lines then blurred between "church and state" even as Utah became a US Territory 9 Sept 1850. Arguably because of the overriding influence of Brigham Young, Utah didn't become a state until 4 Jan 1896. That's when the LDS Church agreed to stop practicing polygamy. Prior to statehood, the office of Territorial Governor was largely ignored by the populace, in favor of seeing what the LDS Church President Brigham Young had to say. His word was considered law, and Bishop's courts at the local level effectively enforced that law.

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All chapter reading and homework is to be done before the session, so we can discuss which portions are most intriguing or challenging as follows:
  • 23 Jan 2015 - Chapter 1 Understanding the Law
  • 30 Jan2015 - Chapter 2 Understanding the Terminology
  • 6 Feb 2015 - Chapter 3 Types of Law
  • Break for FGS/RootsTech 2015
  • 20 Feb 2015 - Chapter 4 Finding the Pertinent Law
  • 27 Feb 2015 - Chapter 5 Sources to Use
  • 6 Mar 2015 - Chapter 6 Where to Research
  • 13 Mar 2015 - Chapter 7 Citing Legal Sources
  • 20 Mar 2015 - Chapter 8 Applying the Law to Ancestral Events
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Kay Haviland Freilich and William B. Freilich, Genealogy and the Law: A Guide to Legal Sources for the Family Historian (Arlington, Virginia: National Genealogical Society, 2014). [Book available from the publisher at and via ]


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  1. I can hear Carly Simon busting it out... an-tic-i-pation! Thirteen hours to go. This is going to be good!