Thursday, January 15, 2015

Is Google+ A Good Fit For Your Society?

Short answer: YES. In response to yesterday's post Man cannot live by Facebook alone, our friend +Jennifer Shoer writes "I recently just took in the position of secretary for the New England NEAPG. Part of my job will be social media. I haven't fully embraced Google+, but do you think I should concentrate in that venue? Our goal is getting more people involved. Thank you for this informative post!" [Emphasis added.]

The New England Chapter, Association of Professional Genealogists covers a large geographical area. Your group may reach potential new members by offering a virtual component to chapter meetings. +Cousin Russ and I have created a series of videos, using the Hangout on Air technology with which you are familiar titled Why Host Virtual Meetings? embedded below:

Videos in the playlist above include:
  • Why Host Virtual Meetings?
  • Consider Your Audience
  • What About Equipment?
  • How to Host a VIRTUAL Presenter
  • Hosting an In-Person Presenter with a Virtual Audience

Google+ works best for an organization when a person from that organization creates:
  • a PAGE for the society, where multiple managers can be added. This permits for year-end staff changes and multiple SIG (special interest group) hosts.
  • a YouTube CHANNEL as a PAGE, so virtual meetings are archived on the society's channel instead of the personal channels of society members.
  • a COMMUNITY for the society, where all upcoming meeting videos can be embedded, comments followed, etc. Additional categories may be added to the left navigation bar to receive monthly meeting posts, in addition to multiple SIG topic posts.
To better understand these components, +Cousin Russ and I have also created a series called How to Hangout and Use G+ embedded below:

Videos in this collection include:
  • Hangouts and Hangouts on Air: What's the difference?
  • Why Google+ ?
  • Tweaking Your Google+ Profile
  • Creating a Page for Your Society or Business
  • Creating a Google+ Community (It's mission critical to set it up as private, but findable, so you can boot out spammers. In 2 years, we've only had one.)
  • How about Hosting a Hangout on Air?
  • 2 tabs are better than 1
  • Timestamps: What the heck are they?
Contributions to professional credibility in any field include face-to-face communications. "People trust what they can see. When you're open and honest, others don't have to guess what your motivations or intentions are. Keep this in mind when you interact with your clients, team, or suppliers. You inspire trust when you talk openly about your intentions, values, and goals." SOURCE:

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