Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Timestamp: Mondays with Myrt -5 Jan 2015

This is the timestamp version of *Mondays with Myrt - 5 January 2015*. Remember, you may click a timestamp and go directly to that portion of the Hangout on Air. We have included hyperlinks discussed during the show. Special thanks to +Cousin Russ for spending another 90 minutes yesterday reviewing our recording, and creating this timestamp listing.

00:00 » Myrt Welcomes everyone
00:44 » Genealogy Do-Over (organized links) http://www.bagtheweb.com/u/genealogydo-over

Facebook Group on Genealogy Do-Over https://www.facebook.com/groups/genealogydoover/

05:43 » Folder Marker (the software to color code computer folders) http://foldermarker.com/index.php

08:59 » Legacy Family Tree Webinar series announcement by +Geoff Rasmussen - Freedom Webinar Series http://tinyurl.com/pea4d8s

09:25 » New Freedom Series Discussion
15:35 » Comments from Community about the Genealogy Do-Over
18:28 » Randy Seaver's take on the Genealogy Do-Over

25:20 » Comments from Dave "Mac" on the Do-Over
33:00 » Gifts and Grandchildren
38:00 » Technology change in last November - Roots Magic and My Heritage   (Ol' Myrt here is playing catch up!)

49:35 » How Do You Manage Twitter?

54;00 » Genea-Webinar website and your Google Calendar and Calendar Sharing

1:01:15 » Is your local LDS FHCenter moving to "appointments only?" https://www.facebook.com/JennyLLanctot/posts/10205363600071185

1:08:00 » Holly Hansen's Genealogy Retreats, see Jan 2015 Swedish Retrest

1:09:10 » Comments from the Community about staff reduction at Family History Centers
1:14:00 » Comparing genealogy software http://www.gensoftreviews.com/

Here's on place to compare s/w:

Top 10 Review rates Legacy #1 with FTM #2


1:24:58 » Question from Community RE: Mac software for FamilySearch.org
1:26:20 » Use of Hangouts for your use and Bit.ly links - How to share and embed videos in a Google+ post.
1:33:20 » Rapid Review of up coming schedule.

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