Wednesday, January 21, 2015

VIDEO: AncestryDNA Matches with Angie Bush

Once again, Ol' Myrt here met with her DNA Consultant, Angie Bush, MS. who just completed co-coordinating the Advanced DNA Analysis track with CeCe Moore at the five-day Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy. During this video, Angie explains my AncestryDNA Matches. One I was very excited about, because the link to a common ancestor is immediately evident. Then Angie pushed me just a little bit more, and what I learned was astonishing.

As you can see, Ol' Myrt here went for the easy fix, where the cousin match had an extensive family tree, and it was easy to see where we have ancestors in common.

Angie showed me to take what my AncestryDNA test indicates is a "DNA" match, and look elsewhere for an online tree to find the possible "genealogy" match. I've got some new cousins to talk with!

Happy family tree climbing!
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  1. Thanks so much for this video! I have been able to trace my Ancestry DNA matches that have shaky leaves, but when the trees were incredibly small I thought they were pretty hopeless. I went right to my tree and looked at a 3rd cousin match that was "extremely confident" that had only 13 people in her tree. I recognized one surname and was able to figure out how she was related to me! I have now contacted this person and hope we can share information. It might be more of a one-way sharing, but I'm still happy to help and to meet another cousin. And, who knows? Maybe she'll have something wonderful to share with me, too. Thanks!