Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Webinar: Organizing Genealogical Information with Michael John Neill

From our friend Michael John Neill comes news of a new genealogy course: Organizing Genealogical Information: A Short Course-February Sessions. He's had many requests for different discussion times, so he scheduled another section of this class with Sunday afternoon sessions. What Ol' Myrt here particularly likes is the concept of completing the reading assignment and homework before class. We are doing that same flip-flop in our GenLaw Study Group. It's a good way to mix it up, and make room for a real breakthrough discussion with students. Bravo, Michael. He writes:
"Organizing information is an important part of genealogical research-perhaps more important than the actual research. This short course (only 3 sessions) is intended to provide the students with exposure to a variety of ways to organize information with an emphasis on problem-solving. The course will consist of four lectures (topics and schedule below), problem assignments, virtual follow-up discussions, group discussion board interaction, and student submission of work (optional). There is no assigned grade-you get from this what you put into it. Students will also be able to share their work and ideas with other students."

Citation of sources is important, but presentations will not focus on citation theory.

This time the course will be presented a little bit differently. Students will be able to download the lecture and view it at their convenience--ideally all on the same day that the download link is sent to registered students.

Students will have a week to view the presentation, discuss or ask questions on the bulletin board and submit optional homework before the class discussion via GotoWebinar. 

Course registration is only $30 for this run of the course. Class size is limited to 30 to encourage group interaction.
  • Assignment/Study 1-Charts, Charts, and More Charts (we will discuss a variety of charts and table to organize your information and your searches-all students work on same problem
  • Assignment/Study 2-4 Step Research Process (we will discuss a four-step process to research organization)-pick your own problem
  • Assignment/Study 3Constructing Families from pre-1850 Census (discuss of how to ascertain family structure from pre-1850 US census records)---all work on same problem

Lecture downloads:
  • 30 January (or until day before class starts)
  • 6 February
  • 13 February
Discussions are at:
  • 1 February 4:00-4:30 pm.Central Time
  • 8 February 4:00-4:30 pm. Central Time
  • 15 February  4:00-4:30 pm.Central Time


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