Wednesday, February 04, 2015 unveils new look, now in beta

Youi've just GOT to try the new look at I think you are going to like it. Signup for the "beta" version now. Ol' Myrt here has been using it for a little bit, and so far I like it! Here's a sample of how the Ancestry Member Tree profile view for my maternal grandmother looks. This would certainly help with my challenges about her actual birth year discussed during our last WACKY Wednesday: How old WAS She? Hangout om  Air.

IMAGE: screen shot demonstrating how the "fact"
of my grandmother's birth in 1905 (left purple box) is substantiated by documents highlighted
on the right. with purple lines and borders.

From we read:
"Over the past year, we have been conducting extensive research and testing to gather user feedback on our existing Ancestry website and to identify critical pain points. As a result, we have been working on a groundbreaking initiative to evolve the Ancestry website to meet the needs of our users. We will introduce a new and improved Ancestry experience that makes it easier for anyone to discover and tell the rich, unique story of their family. 

The improved Ancestry website includes:

  • A new LifeStory view to transform your ancestors’ facts and events into engaging, unique stories
  • A new, intuitive, modern look to streamline your work flows and make your family story the focus
  • Historical Insights to discover significant historical events that your ancestors may have experienced
  • A new Facts View to make it easier to validate facts with sources, and edit and review facts contextually
  • A new Media Gallery where you can consolidate all your media in one place

We will be showcasing the Ancestry beta at RootsTech, Feb. 12-14. Visitors to the Ancestry booth will be able to opt in to participate in the beta. 

For those not at RootsTech who would like to be invited to the beta, visit this link to request to be on the waitlist:

Happy family tree climbing!
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