Monday, March 23, 2015

Beginning Genealogy Study Group - 25 Mar 2015

An empowering 20-week genealogy class, using online syllabus materials, with sample documents from each record group discussed. THIS week we discuss living relatives, and the sticky wicket of tracking down information on adoptions.

Participants will review beginning research strategies including identifying what is known, deciding what to learn, selecting records to search, obtaining and searching the records, evaluating and using the information. Considerable effort will be made to provide screen shares of each record type. Although the focus is general United States research, these research principles and use of the FamilySearch Wiki can be applied to over ancestral studies in over 120 additional countries throughout the world, with additional regional (state, county, town, parish) wiki entries.


    FamilySearch Wiki, Principles of Family History Research, FamilySearch ( : Accessed 2 Jan 2015).
    FamilySearch Wiki, United States, FamilySearch ( Accessed 2 Jan 2015).
    FamilySearch Wiki, United States Records Selection Table, FamilySearch (h Accessed 2 Jan 2015).

Noon Eastern US (New York)
11am Central US (Chicago)
10am Mountain US (Denver, Salt Lake City)
9am Pacific US (Los Angeles)

If you need a time zone converter, here's one DearMYRTLE recommends:

07 Jan 2015
14 Jan 2015
21 Jan 2015
28 Jan 2015
4 Feb 2015
(Break for 2015 FGS/RootsTech combined conferences)
18 Feb 2016
25 Feb 2015
04 Mar 2015
11Mar 2015
18 Mar 2015

25 Mar 2015
1 Apr 2015 (April Fools' Day, really!) :)
08 Apr 2015
(Break for 2015 NERGC)
22 Apr 2015
29 Apr 2015
06 May 2015
(Break for 2015 NGS Conference)
20 May 2015
27 May 2015
03 June 2015
10 June 2015

Post COMMENTS before, during and after each Study Group Hangout on Air here:

We are using Google+ Hangouts on Air for this study group, just as we use for Mondays with Myrt. We open the "green room" 15 minutes early if you'd like to test out your microphone and webcam. Consider JOINing the panel when we "scramble" to mix up the conversation a bit.

For this Beginning Genealogy Study Group, it isn't necessary to JOIN "the filmstrip panel" to participate. Some people are shy about appearing there, especially when just starting out. However, do post your comments or questions as mentioned above.

So turn up those computer speakers, and head on over to VIEW the live sessions, post COMMENTS before, during and after each session here:

If you miss a session, no worries! All Beginning Genealogy Study Group sessions will be archived in DearMYRTLE's YouTube Channel, as well as in DearMYRTLE's Genealogy Community on Google+ in the left, under "Hangouts - previous."

So it's simple. If you value the work Ol' Myrt, +Cousin Russ and our beloved panelists do week in and week out on your behalf, please:

Check the GeneaWebinars Calendar for exact dates of DearMYRTLE study groups and Hangouts on Air, in addition to over 200 hours of online genealogy classes, webinars and tweetchats from other hosts and presenters in the next 12 months.


Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt :)
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  1. Sorry to miss you folks tomorrow. I'll be subbing in the Kinder class again. Will catch up on the archived hangout tomorrow night. Have a great one!

  2. Forgot to mention that Mar 25 is my father's birthday...he would have been 123 years old!!! Born in 1892 in Sedan, Ardennes, France. He immigrated with his mother by ship at age 2 months. What an arduous trip that must have been for them across the ocean...Love you Daddy!!!

    1. Sending you (((gentle hugs))) DB. I miss my dad, and can understand somewhat how you feel, dear friend.