Tuesday, March 24, 2015

NGS 2015: Interactive Exhibit Hall Map


Well, it looks like the National Genealogical Society is jumping ahead of RootsTech through the use of innovative conference technology. Click HERE to see the new interactive map of the #NGS2015 Exhibit Hall, shown in the screen shot below. In the live version, labels with names for individual booths pop up when rolling your mouse over the map. This technology is powered by the folks at a2zinc.net. See their blog post Improve the User Experience on your Event Website posted 24 Feb 2015 by Juli Cummins.

Notice if one clicks the "star" to the left of a vendor's name on the list, it turns gold and the corresponding booth is outlined in red on the map. (See red arrow above.) This provides for effective planning of one's personal tour of "must see" booths in what is sure to be a crowded, energetic exhibit hall. The blue arrow shows where to print a specific traffic plan, and the green arrow is for resizing. Notice at the purple circle there are 80 vendors scheduled for this event.

One of the biggest problems facing vendors is HOW to get attendees to visit their booth. Once there, it's an easy sell. Long-time conference attendees are familiar with the "numbered booth" scenario, but with thousands of attendees trying to get to their favorite booths its always a stampede. Vendors are assured with the novelty of the interactive map, attendees can plan their vendor hall trek well in advance of the conference.

There's one problem with the vendor list. If you click on a vendor's title in the list, up pops a big white box covering most of the window. One can only imagine that a vendor could pay for an advertising spot there, including text and graphics, with a links to the businesses home page and each featured product. Maybe this is in the works? If not, A2Zinc should turn off that disappointing popup.

Join Ol' Myrt here and thousands of others at the National Genealogical Society's annual Family History Conference 13-16 May 2015 in St. Charles, Missouri. For more information and online registration see: http://conference.ngsgenealogy.org

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